Electrovalves Electrothermiki Yiannis Sipsis JES S.A.

Our company is active in heating since 1982, manufacturing heating systems and specifically electrovalves, panels with hour-meters and room thermostats.

Our products can be found in all Greek cities as we cooperate with the largest retail heating companies.

Five years guarantee is provided for all our products, which means free service or replacement through the retail store the product was bought.


The company Yiannis Sipsis JES SA was founded in 1982.

Until 1988 there was production only for 3/4 ¨ & 1 ¨ because this was the greatest demand in the local market.

In 1989 began the production for 1/2 ¨ to 1 1/4 ¨. In 1991 started the production of three-way electrovalves type ``L`` ON-OFF 0 ° - 90 ° from 3/4 ¨ to 2 ¨. At the same time the company began exporting to Italy and Ireland.

In 1996-1997 injection plastic machines were purchased and we now had our own production of all the plastic parts.

In 2002, a new model was constructed, SUPER-JES, which was easier to use than the JES was and did not require grounding.

In year 2007 the company’s production has now reached to 500 electrovalves daily.

Since 2007 we started manufacturing not only ON-OFF electrovalves but also proportional 3 point, 0 --- 10V or 2 --- 20mA to 0 ° - 90 °.

In 2012 we started cooperation with Russian export market. So we began the production in electrovalves 3way MIX in dimension of 3/4 ¨ and the valve production in manual or automatic.

All our products have labeling of CE - TUV - ISO 9001, as well as a 5 year warranty.

Production Process


TUV Certification
ISO Certification